Stretcher Frames

The Product

Our standard frame is made from a high grade, kiln dried redwood (fig1). It is a finished size of 44mm x 44mm (fig2). The profile is carefully cut at an angle of 75 degrees ensuring that the canvas stretches easily over the frame (fig3). A 3mm radius is routed on the front edge to ensure easy stretching (fig4). Corners are accurately mitred. They are glued and double screwed to provide an exceptionally strong joint.

figure 1
figure 2
figure 3
figure 4

All frames come fully assembled and do not have wedges. We work to a tolerance of 2 mm.

The Profiles

All our moulding has a 75-degree bevel so the canvas stands away from the moulding. We can leave this lead edge with a sharp defined edge or route a 3 mm radius on it. This radius is ideal for printed or pre-painted canvases and it ensures that the inks do not crack when they are stretched around the frame. As a rule of thumb our printers want a radius and out artists want a sharp edge. Just let us know your preference


We make the moulding ourselves so we can make it to whatever thickness you require. We carry 2 standard sizes 35 mm and 44 mm (this is the distance the frame stands away from the wall) Some of our artists use up to 75 mm deep frames. All you need to do is let us know the thickness on ordering. If we are using a very thin moulding we have a limit how big the frame will be before it becomes unstable. We will advise you on this when you order

Cross bars and corners

We fit cross bars and wooden corner braces at out discretion. If we feel the frame needs it we will fit it or if specifically asked to by clients. Once a frame goes over about 1200 mm (4 Feet) we tend to use cross bars.

How to measure

When stretching a frame you need a 'bleed' This is the canvas that goes around the edge of the frame and then around the back in order to be stapled. The size of the frame you need is the size of the image. Make sure you allow extra canvas for the ‘bleed’ but if in doubt we are happy to advise.


All our frames are made to measure at no extra cost. We carry 'A' sizes in stock but we can produce any size you require accurate to 2 mm +/-. We have made frames up to 5 meters long.

Self Assembly

We are happy to supply frames for self-assembly if you feel confident to tackle them. You will need a screwdriver and a little patience but again we are happy to advise.


Stretching your own canvases is simple if you have the patience and the correct tools. A basic heavy-duty staple gun is all you really need. There is plenty of advice on the web with many video tutorials on youtube

Budget frames

Our budget frames are cheap because we have dispensed with the bevel and they are only available in 19mm deep. They start at £2.50 each for an A4 frame.


Stretchers are a great way to display fabrics. We supply textile students and interior designers with frames ideal for mounting fabrics for wall hangings. Stretched fabrics are a cheap and effective decoration.

Round and Oval and shaped frames

Using CNC routing technology we produce round and oval frames in whatever size and proportion you require. There is a 40mm raised lipping around the edge of the MDF cut out that provides an ideal profile to stretch canvas on.

Pre-painted Canvas

Many of our clients are buying frames to use on paintings bought whilst abroad. The pictures were removed from their frame to assist transport and they now need re-stretching. We can make the new frame but please consult the sections above that discuss 'How to Measure' and Advice'

Split Baton

Split baton is an easy and secure way to hang canvases. A 45-degree baton is fitted on the underside of the frame and a similar piece is fitted on the wall. When one is hooked around the other the picture hangs safely on the wall.

Stretched and primed

Working with a local art shop we can stretch and price any canvas with 12 oz cotton. We do suggest local collection only with this service.

Sample prices